Bird Girl and Fox Girl

Bird Girl and Fox Girl is a 32-page, digest size, B&W interior, color cover, created by Yumi Sakugawa and published by Sparkplug Books.

This minicomic follows the threads of Bird Girl and Fox Girl’s lives after the dissolution of their friendship. Bird Girl moves from the desert to the city, where she works as a secretary, eventually saving up enough money for surgery to look like a human girl. Fox Girl becomes a daredevil model, only accepting potentially life-threatening assignments. Her photos inspire of viral trend of teenage girls taking selfies before committing suicide; her popularity plummets and, jobless and homeless, she leaves the city. Years later, both transformed, Bird Girl and Fox Girl meet again in the desert. The comic’s lack of dialogue produces a distance from the reader in which the text echoes. The art is sparse yet intricate; the rhythmic pacing and text create a poetic, haunting story.

A gorgeous, magical story of a broken friendship, stretched across two lifetimes from an Ignatz nominated creator.

Bird Girl and Fox Girl is the third book in the Sparkplug Minis Series, a series of short-run (500 copies) mini comics by new and/or under appreciated artists.

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