One Last Day Insects / Bugged Out

One Last Day Insects / Bugged Out is a 16-page, full size B&W, Flip comic by Adam Yeater and Jordan Hallett.

To paraphrase Pearl Jam: “I got bugs, I got bugs in my room, Bugs in my bed, Bugs in my ears, Their eggs in my head. Do I join them? Looks like that’s the one.”

Yep, One Last Day Insects is all about bugs! Our despairing dude decides to take a nap in the forest and the creepy crawlers come a calling! On the flip side of this comic is Jordan Hallett’s piece “Bugged Out.” In this one a guy struggles with a strange creature that wants to lick his vacated eye sockets until a welcome pair of old acquaintances show up!

Adam fills his pages with more insects than you could squish, and he serves up a great two-page spread packed with smaller individual, detailed panel studies of a bunch of different bugs! In Bugged Out Jordan takes us on a strange, grotesque trip filled with squirting bodily fluids and squishy orifices!

Get your copy of One Last Day Insects / Bugged Out and enjoy your little pests among the bread crumbs and bits of candy on the floor at

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