Home #0

Home #0 is a 20-page, standard size, full color, horror comic, written & illustrated by Daniel Reisinger, published by Morbid Ink. http://bit.ly/1GgID0V

A dark spirit guide with a flaming pumpkin head leads a dead man with a jester’s hat back to the scene of his death. The dead man has to come to terms with his inner self, his past deeds, and the fates of his wife and child, while a demon torments him.

The art lives up to the moniker “Morbid Ink.” There’s plenty of blood and guts in glossy color. Gruesome panels spill their entrails across the pages telling a strange story of death, redemption, reunion, and love.

See more of Daniel Reisinger’s art at http://on.fb.me/1FHTCp2 and get your Morbid Ink at http://bit.ly/1GgID0V

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