Reich #12

Reich #12 is a 28-page, standard size, biographical, B&W comic created by Elijah Brubaker and published by Sparkplug Books.

Reich is a thrilling biographical account of psychoanalyst and sex researcher Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a protégé of Freud. He courted scandal throughout Europe, where he became known mostly for his controversial and radical ideas. Reich claimed to discover a palpable sexual energy, which he called “Orgone.” Reich was forced to move to America in 1939. In America, Reich founded Orgonon, a commune/laboratory located in Rangely, Maine. There he continued his research into Orgone energy. Reich claimed the energy was a panacea and was determined to prove it to the world, but he was abruptly persecuted by the United States government.

Reich tells the story of a man who lived with unwavering conviction in his beliefs and shows the potential danger of that conviction. The final chapter of Reich’s story finds him in court trying to defend his research, a fellow scientist and his own sanity. After some deliberation and psychiatric review, a verdict is reached and he is sent to live out his final days in Lewisburg Penitentiary.

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