Inner Beings #1, The Rebirth

Inner Beings #1, The Rebirth is a 28-page standard size full color comic by Lubisan, Michael Montalvo, and Michael Waggoner. From Lumi Art Studios

While earth slowly merges with the planet Sandria (from another dimension), a god like being stranded on the moon recalls events that led two groups of enhanced warriors into conflict. Now one group of these super powered beings must prevent the planetary collision while protecting the people of earth from monster like creatures unleashed through the inter-dimensional contact, and stop the other group of super powered beings from finding their imprisoned leader!

The art is packed with full color scenes of dynamic action set in a vivid world. All characters are depicted as unique individuals with many draped in detailed costumes, and backgrounds are filled with fresh and colorful surroundings. The writing sets a fast pace that introduces the major characters and explains how these other-dimensional events spilled over into our own reality!

You can join the Inner Beings in their struggle at and find out more about art behind this comic at

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