Dirty Bites #5

Dirty Bites #5 http://bit.ly/1iC9DlP is a nearly 100-page, perfect bound, digest size, ADULT anthology created by and featuring the talents of Paul S. Frosdick and company.

This sequential selection of sexual stories is only a portion of the 300+ page collection of Dirty Bites currently being offered to by Paul S. Frosdick to mature readers. This volume features the wanton works of John Orlando, Steve Gibson, Bobby Beatroot, Jim Stewart, Simone Angelini, Dave Gordon, Shelly In Space, Eric N. Peterson, Chuck Rogers, Garry Hardman, Gilbert Rodriguez, Ang Lopez, Jon E. lawrence, Jim Beucher, JTW Thinktankrx, Macca Mclaughlin, and Simon Stillmatic Nsaka!

These cartoonists of carnal pleasures deliver a digest of debauchery depicting: an incestuous sexual battery contest involving a deployable disembodied penis; a twisted game of Briscolaa; a demon and angel’s visit to a sperm bank; a drunk flying cockroach that turns a couple’s private sexual encounter into a threesome; a scantly clad woman talking about the stats on oral, anal, and preferences as to where men ejaculate; a tale of vengeance from the grave; and a bunch of other adult themed titillating tales!

The assorted creators bring an amazing array of styles to this edition of Dirty Bites that’s sure to please those with a lust for the lewd and the lecherous!

Get your Dirty Bites at http://bit.ly/1iC9DlP

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1GCPcuE


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