The Adventures of Ogner Stump and Assorted Comix and Stories

The Adventures of Ogner Stump and Assorted Comix and Stories is a 24-page, digest size, full color comic written & illustrated by Andrew Goldfarb, published by Rocktopus! Books.

This issue contains numbers 81-94 of Ogner Stump’s One Thousand Sorrows. The stories in this collection tell the tale of Ogner Stump and his tentacled tag-along Slub Glub as they find adventure and assorted odd characters in outlandish places and strange swamps. The duo find themselves dealing with crocodiles, ducks, witches, conjoined twins, a suit wearing hand, and more memorable miscreations!

Andrew frames a freaky fable filled with fantastic figures! His writing is witty and loaded with absurd twists and turns that make for a fun, unpredictable read that takes the reader on a runaway train ride into the truly bizarre! Andrew’s art takes things a step further by creating a vivid, colorful world of fresh and imaginative surroundings full of cartoonish, abstract, and exaggerated characters that could only exist in The Adventures of Ogner Stump!

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