Nix Comics Quarterly #8

Nix Comics Quarterly #8 is a 28-page, full color, Rock n Roll Horror Anthology written & illustrated by multiple contributors. Published by Nix Comics.

Nix Comics’ lead writer and publisher Ken Eppstein and Tillie Walden start us off with a revealing look at what it really takes to make it in How to Succeed in Indie Comics! Then Christian Hoffer and Derek Stewart take us to a world destroyed by digital music in The Music of Eric Slowhand…but the “rumble” of a legend might save the day! Next up we hop a ride with Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno as they take us on a road trip with The Vicar: Only In Dreams! Mid way through the comic Rob Jefferson treats us to The Top 12 Rejected Nix Comics Quarterly Stories! Later Ken Eppstein, Darren Merinuk, and Rich Trask stop in on a warden trying to solve a missing person case in Aleister Crowe Sings Sick Songs: Excitable Boy! Then Bus Stop Ned Finds Jesus (Hallelujah!) with the help of Matt Miner and Gideon Kendall! Rounding out the rockers, Lux and Ivy get the snub in Did It Really Happen? The Cramps Got Voted Off the Island by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph! And finally Ken Eppstein and Rafael Rosado bring this issue to an end with Bus Stop Ned’s Limited Vocabulary!

This collection is an awesome assemblage of artists and writers taking turns telling stories wrapped around the exciting world of Rock n Roll and Horror! I really dig music and comics so this combination hit home with me! Rolling some of my favorites into the mix also made this a fun read! The different styles used by the associated artists cover a large range and really make the stories pop, bringing a punk vibe to the pages that keeps the pages flipping with raw power!

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