La Mano del Destino #1

La Mano del Destino #1 is a 24-page, standard size, full color comic written and illustrated by J. Gonzo and published by Castle and Key Publications.

La Mano del Destino is a 6-issue limited series that tells the story of a fallen Luchadore as he fights to reclaim his lost honor. Over the next few weeks I’ll provide a brief descriptive review of the first four issues and follow with issues 5 and 6 once I get my hands on ‘em!

In this, the first issue, we’re introduced to the main character and learn about the betrayal that brought him down and stripped him of his mask. We also meet an unlikely and mysterious figure that offers the former champion Luchadore a deal that will allow him to have his revenge and regain his honor, but only after proving his mettle through a series of challenges!

Gonzo does an excellent job of laying out this unique story and developing the characters into interesting people that you want to learn more about. The pacing of the story moves at a comfortable rate that keeps the action going right along with the building anticipation. Gonzo’s art perfectly captures the colorful and stylized nature of Lucha Libre. With La Mano del Destino, J. Gonzo combines wrestling and mysticism to bring readers a high flying, Lucha Libre action packed comic!

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