Future Classique / Ya’ll Blessed

Future Classique / Ya’ll Blessed http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG & http://bit.ly/1BPeowi is a 16-page, digest size, mostly silent flip comic, with color covers and B&W interior, written & illustrated by Wil ‘Reset Survivor’ Hines and Damon ‘Interstellar Comix’ Begay.

Wil gives us Future Classique, a story about a young bug-eyed girl trying to reach a spaceship. A character that resembles SCUD the Disposable Assassin takes on the mission to chaperon her. The two cross the dangerous desert and arrive at a booming conclusion!

On the flip side Damon brings us Ya’ll Blessed. This is a tall tale about a desert battle of the heavyweights. A grandmother minding her own business in a remote area is seized upon by a giant Kachina! To protect her grandchildren she puts out a call for the “Medicine Man” and what follows is a two-fisted brawl between behemoths!

Check out Wil and Damon’s sites and flip your way through Future Classique / Ya’ll Blessed at http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG & http://on.fb.me/1BPeowk & http://bit.ly/1BPeowi

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1RapKox

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