Omadox, an indie film by James Noel, will have a screening on November 12th at the EyeCatcher International Film Festival in McAlester, Oklahoma.

The film features small press comics creator Delaine Derry Green, Paul Amoreno, Edward Parker Bolman, Shelley Bolman, Maritza Brikisak, John Fleck, Gregory Graham, Alan R. Green, Lee Green, Gera Hermann, Janet Housden, Sunny Kim, Luciana Lagana, Deborah Martin, Steve Moramarco, Cat Noel, Teddy Quinn, Buzz Saw, Jerry Sims, and introduces Edward Lucas White as “Edward Fleurv.”

The Storyline: Thomas Spoon, a filmmaker, is hired by a mysterious company to make a documentary. 

You can view the trailer at and visit the FB page at

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