Noble Head #3

Noble Head #3 is a 32-page, mini-comic, with full color glossy covers and B&W interior, created by Edward Parker Bolman and James Noel with design by Allen Freeman, and colors by Brad W. Foster. Published by Fan-Atic Press.

In Noble Head we’re introduced to a fluffy kitty, a black rayed sun, and a walking spittoon. The three manage to find themselves in assorted amusing adventures involving Devil’s Tower, a chipmunk with galactic power, black fire, psychic investigations, Jordache jeans, the Kraken, and more!

This little mini is full of funny and weird shorts involving unique and memorable characters. The artwork crosses a range of styles going from cartoony to more detailed rendering using cross hatching and stippling. Lots of neat comix fun to be found inside Noble Head!

You can check out these sites to get a little more info on the comic’s creator and Fan-Atic Press! and and

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