Ocho #15

Ocho #15 http://on.fb.me/1Qfri1J is a 20-page, digest size, B&W comic with full color covers written and illustrated by Eric Mengel.

I’m a little late getting into Ocho Comics, as Eric has already hit issue #30, quite impressive for an indie comic series! Anyway, I saw this issue while traveling through Arizona and decided pick it up!

Ocho is an enormous, blue-skinned alien sent here to make the world a better place. In this issue he’s snoozing in a park when all of a sudden a wayward football stirs him from his slumber. Once awake Ocho finds himself questioning his own purpose and in a position to help a young boy escape an abusive situation. And in exchange for his efforts to help the boy, Ocho learns about social media!

Eric tells an important story through Ocho and manages to keep it entertaining through the characters’ interactions. His artwork is clean and polished, and Eric makes great use of framing the action and pacing of the story through creative page layouts and panel placement!

You can help Ocho make the world a better place at http://on.fb.me/1Qfri1J and http://bit.ly/1Utr1XE

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1NR0KkX

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