All My Ghosts

All My Ghosts is a 120-page, B&W graphic novel written & illustrated by Jeremy Massie and published by Alterna Comics.

Joe Hale, a middle age man living in an economically challenged small town, inherited an unwanted family business from his father and now finds himself more than a decade later having to sell the business to keep it going. As Joe’s final day of ownership approaches he tries to prepare himself by revisiting the ghosts of his past, mending family relations, and letting go of responsibilities while embracing a new sense of freedom.

Jeremy neatly rolls this story out explaining Joe’s internal struggles with failing to keep the business in the family while also trying to protect his friends’ jobs. The character’s emotional state and self-doubt is easily understood by the reader thanks to Jeremy’s layered approach of revealing bits and pieces of Joe’s struggle as the story goes along. Jeremy’s art complements the writing too. The bold outlines and heavy shadows seem to represent Joe’s burden while the loose and sketchy handling of details give way to a sense of optimism and a promise of something better that awaits!

You can get All My Ghosts before the doors close at and it’s available for preorder via Diamond, code DEC150966, and you can follow All My Ghosts at

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