Page Turner

Page Turner is a 16-page, digest size B&W comic with car stock cover written and illustrated by Danny Ferbert. Published by DAF Comix and distributed by Mini Comix Co-Op.

Page Turner, our title character, is a strange looking fellow in a trench coat and hat. He intervenes in an assassination attempt to save a guy at a café. The rescuer and rescued make a run for it, but dudes that look like teddy bears with guns are hot on their heels. Why are these cuddly killers trying to off the guy Page Turner just saved? And what can our trench coat wearing hero do to protect him? The answers and more mysteries await in the neatly drawn and cleverly laid out story that combines humor and action with a crazy detective theme!

You can get on the case with Page Turner by sending Danny $3 plus $1 for shipping at:

Danny Ferbert
6350 Spurgeon Rd
Lot 38
Joplin, MO 64804

And find more at and

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