Noble Head #5

Noble Head #5 is a 32-page, mini-comic, with full color glossy covers and B&W interior, created by Edward Parker Bolman and James Noel with design by Allen Freeman, and colors by Brad W. Foster. Published by Fan-Atic Press.

Fluffy Kitty, Black Rayed Sun, and Spittoon visit the “Land of Black Squares” and wind up imprisoned while someone goes about stealing the six golden cats of Confucius! Also in this issue of Noble Head we’re introduced to Battle Terrapins, Rat Flavored Flea Frogurt, Goat Glands, and more!

Noble Head is a well-drawn, witty little mini comic full of absurdity and fun! Check out these sites to get a little more info on the comic’s creator and Fan-Atic Press! and and

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