Vaxdor and the Ikton Conflict

Vaxdor and the Ikton Conflict is a 26-page, standard size, full color comic, written by Troy Vevasis and illustrated by Lee Milewski, published by Troy Comics.

On an alien planet the evil Iktons have invaded their neighboring moon Locton and are about to take control of the moon and its people! The only hope for Locton is a legendary figure that now approaches from the far reaches of space…and he is the most dreaded being in the known universe!

Troy jumps right into the action while explaining the conflict between Ikton and Locton. He introduces the warring sides and then injects an unlikely savior. The main character is revealed in more and more detail as the story goes along creating new questions while answering others. Lee’s artwork adds to the comic’s otherworldly feel by depicting characters and scenes in dramatic and angular shapes. The pages are colored with naturalistic and earthy tones that give the look a warm feel that fits the abundance of blood spilling action!

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