Mineshaft #32

Mineshaft #32 http://bit.ly/1GokSIw is a 48-page, digest size, B&W comic zine with color covers published and edited by Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri. Front cover by Christopher Mueller, back cover by Robert Crumb.

This issue of Mineshaft features Mary Fleener’s trippy “Almost Psychic” story, an excerpt from Bill Griffith’s “Invisible Ink,” David Collier’s “Catching Up With The Collier’s,” J.D. Wilkes’ “Hobos Were My Heroes,” John Broadley’s “Wild For Adventure,” Fly’s “Four PEOPS,” Noah Van Sciver’s “Rich Dad / Poor Dad,” Christopher Mueller’s “How Hans Came to be a Man,” Fiona Smyth’s “Stank Eye,” Aleksandar Zograf’s “Postcards From Yugoslavia,” a sampling of R. Crumb’s “Dream Diary,” and much, much more from the talented Laure Boin, Frank Stack, Robert Armstrong, Aaron Lange, Karl Stevens, Pat Moriarity, William Crook Jr., and Jay Lynch!

Every page of this comix zine is a treat thanks to the impressive artistic chops of each contributor and the high quality printing, production, and editing that goes into this underground rag! Mineshaft continues to be a beacon of indie creativity in a comics’ world overrun with mainstream packaging and commercialism! 

You can enjoy Mineshaft #32 for yourself and grab some earlier issues at http://bit.ly/1GokSIw

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1Jwen93

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