Animal Park

Animal Park is a 32-page, digest size, B&W comic with color covers, written & illustrated by Levi Olson.

In this comic a group of youthful animals set out to play “Cops and Robbers,” but soon discover they lack bad guys. To remedy this situation a couple of the self-appointed “police” snatch their unwilling friend, a chimp-boy, to fill the role of prisoner. But before the “arrested” offender can be brought to justice the arresting officer must contend with a group of local bullies that have their own plans for chimp-boy!

The art and storytelling in this comic is great! Levi expertly illustrates the story in a fun, cartoony style that’s loaded with detail and expression. He seamlessly introduces characters and moves the story forward through various plot twists in a well thought out manner that keeps the comic entertaining and fun from beginning to end!

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