Copy This! #23 – the All Art Issue Volume 3

Copy This! #23 – the All Art Issue Volume 3 is a 44-page, B&W All Art issue of the info/news mini comic zine published by D. Blake Werts.

In this issue art and comics from the following are featured: Billy McKay (front cover); Delicia Williams; Michael Kraiger; Bill Sheldon; Brad W. Foster; Tom Brinkmann; Andy Nukes; Joe Wehrle; Davida Gypsy Breier; Nate McDonough; Kel Crum; Bob Vojtko; David Robertson; Brian Buniak; Dale Martin; Buzzizyk; Mike Hill; Larry Tisch; Joseph Tenney; Marc Myers; Jim Ryan; Edward Bolman; Clark Dissmeyer; John Eberly; Bob-X; R. Hendricks; John Howard; RC Harvey; Verl Holt Bond; Tom Motley; Jim Siergey; John Pirog; and Gary Fields.

To get more info on Copy This! please contact Blake at:

D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

or e-mail him at bwerts AT vnet DOT net

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