The Intruder #1

The Intruder #1 is a 44-page (digital version), standard size comic with full color covers and B&W interior. Written & illustrated by John Orlando, published by Outpouring Comics

A detective with a history of mental health problems finds himself caught between a case involving an extraterrestrial monster that only he has seen, an alien hunting that same monster, and a girl that thinks the detective may be having nervous breakdown! What follows is an action packed detective story full of deception, gunfights, and creatures from outer space!

The story unfolds in a logical order, first introducing the reader to a well-developed character and setting the stage for a crime noir tale, but then throwing in a twist that takes the story and reader into a completely unexpected direction! The art is clean and bold, and filled with a lot of unique looking characters and dynamic action scenes! Backgrounds are rendered with a lot of detail that effectively establishes where each scene takes place and keeps the story grounded in a believable setting!

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