Cannons in The Clouds

Cannons In The Clouds is a 136-page TPB written by Daniel Woolley and Anne Gresham, illustrated by Jorge Donis, with colors by Kristy Swan, and lettering by Peter Simeti. Published by Alterna Comics

Here’s a high flying adventure story about a highborn teenage lass on the run, her young male friend with mysterious abilities, and a swashbuckling female pirate! This tale takes place in a world of floating islands, sky ships, and flying fish with feathered wings! In this fantasy landscape the trio finds their paths crossing after a deadly act of sabotage. Soon the three are accused of being involved in the crime and have a price on their heads’ forcing them to run!

The story moves at a quick pace taking the reader through waves of rising and falling action. At every turn there appears to be a new crisis fresh on the heels of our heroes as they outwit and battle would be captors! The dialogue is rich and distinctive for each character. The characters are also fully developed and given individual personalities. Through the art a vivid world full of elaborate architecture, floating docks, and sky ships emerges! The reader is pulled into the story not only by the well thought out plot and interesting characters, but also by the dynamic and colorful art. It’s also the stylistic handling of the art that makes Cannons In The Clouds an easy to accept fantasy world in which the reader can lose themselves!

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