Belly Button Comic #1

Belly Button Comic #1 is a 32-page, standard size comic with full color covers and B&W interior. Written & illustrated by Sophie Crumb, published originally by Oog & Blik of the Netherlands and later by Fantagraphics.

Belly Button Comix #1 is a collection of stories revolving around a handful of colorful characters as well as autobiographical pieces about Sophie’s life, loves, and dreams in France. All of the stories are entertaining, and one silent story about a bear is a bit disturbing.

Sophie’s writing and artistic styles are all her own and quite impressive. She manages to blend just enough personal detail with comic relief and intrigue to keep her autobiographic stories interesting without weighing them down with too much emotion. Sophie’s art spans various styles from intentionally crude to polished cartoony. All of which work great with their respective stories!

I’m not sure you can find issue #1 here, but they do have issue #2! Stick your finger in Belly Button Comix at

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at

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