Dyn-A-Mic Tales #1

Dyn-A-Mic Tales #1 http://bit.ly/1nHTrla is a 32-page, standard size full color super hero comic. Written & illustrated by James E. Babcock and Rich Konkle, published by Babcock Graphics Press.

Here are two separate hero stories each written around characters sharing their physical forms with another through some sort of psychological symbiotic relationship. In the first story we meet Norman, a meek little fellow suffering from high anxiety after multiple occasions of waking in strange places and being unable to account for his missing time. His counterpart is a muscle bound caped crusader intent on fighting crime and stopping injustice, but also finding himself with missing blocks of time and thrust into combative situations with no warning!

The second half of the comic tells a story about an ancient heroine with spider-like abilities that finds herself in the modern world! Her physical embodiment shoots webs and uses her long red hair as an appendage it can control to fight bad guys with, while her mind appears to be inhabited by the consciences of multiple individuals!

The writing in this comic is fun and takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to tackling the hero genre. I for one find that to be a welcome and pleasant surprise! Unlike other indie hero comics, Dyn-A-Mic Tales doesn’t take itself too serious and instead focuses on good, solid storytelling loaded with subtle comedy that really hits its mark!

Venture into the heroics of Dyn-A-Mic Tales at http://bit.ly/1nHTrla and http://bit.ly/1RwWE0j

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1WKUHQX

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