Fluke #12 Loisaida

Fluke #12 Loisaida http://bit.ly/22XrrtQ is a 76-page, digest size, B&W comic zine written & illustrated by Bobby Madness.

This issue of Fluke is about Bobby Madness’ teenage years in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the early ‘80s. Madness and his older friend Chris spend their time trying to scrounge up money for punk shows and spend most of that money on booze. As they drink their way through life they also continue their search for drugs, girls, and more punk rock, all set against the lively backdrop of a big city full of interesting characters and scenes!

The autobiographical writing flows smoothly from page to page, really transporting the reader back in time to the New York punk scene. The artwork is sketchy and rough and perfectly captures the punk aesthetic!

You can find ordering and other info for Fluke at http://bit.ly/22XrrtQ and http://bit.ly/1MygV86

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/22XrqpO

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