Mysterious Comics

Mysterious Comics is a 26-page comic created and written by Troy Vevasis with art by Lee Milewski and a guest sketch by Jesse Arnold.

The comic consists of four separate stories: The Container; The Missing Relic; The Ancient Men of Easter Island; and Wings and Screams. The Container is a futuristic tale about the fate of humanity and involves alien visitation, but are they here to help or hurt us? Next is The Missing Relic. This story takes us back to the 1920s as a detective discovers much more than he was hired to find! The Ancient Men of Easter Island reveals the legendary secret of the mysterious stone heads that watch over the island and their true meaning! And the final story, Wings and Screams, takes us on a harrowing journey into the woods that ends with an unexpected encounter!

All the stories are told at a quick pace that doesn’t weigh them down with too many extraneous details. The artwork is clean and angular with plenty of dramatic action and flat colors overlaid to effectively give the illusion of depth!

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