Conversing With the Dead

From Loser Comix: “Conversing With the Dead”
by Richard Van Ingram, woodcut I am comics.

I am comix, mainly – I don’t make things most people appreciate; my work often comes with nudity (but not degradation), cursing (well-deserved), vituperous political satire (I’m left-ish and despise authoritarians and Nazis), comedy, tragedy; in short, life as I experience and see it. But I’m still comics. 50 years-old, started reading the things in about 1969, seriously by the early ‘70s. Eventually lived long enough to see the undergrounds die, be reborn, die again, claim to be alternatives, die some more, and the entire industry be eaten by media corporations looking for movie fodder. For 30 odd years I’ve been making my own stuff and having it published here and there… publishing it myself and hawking it… sometimes people like it, sometimes they hide the kids. But I’m still comics. Just like you.

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