Blubber #2

Blubber #2 is a 26-page, standard size, B&W ADULTS ONLY comic with color covers. Written and illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez, published by Fantagraphics.

Gilbert Hernandez returns with a carnal collection of comix in Blubber #2! This issue asks who or what is behind the Pollum’s beastly carnage?! The Marsh Man? The Boat Man? Could it possibly be Wild Dicks?! Also, Who fears the Froat? And what is to be made of the teeny weenies in “Sweet?” All these things plus a fighting robot, a priest on a horny zombie hunt, and the exploits of a porn star await in the sex and violence filled pages of Blubber #2!

Once again Gilbert Hernandez’s artwork is mostly simple line work depicting strange creatures, bizarre characters, and plenty of explicit sex! The selection of stories in this issue all seem to rotate around quests for something that results in conflict and various acts of sodomy!

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