Buck Slaughter’s Book of Rock ‘N Roll Facts #1

Buck Slaughter’s Book of Rock ‘N Roll Facts #1 http://bit.ly/1KJRsGh is a 36-page B&W comic with color covers, written & illustrated by Ken Eppstein, published by Nix Comics.

Okay, so when a comic opens with images of The Cramps’ Bad Music for Bad people and Iggy Pop in the same frame you know you’re in for a treat! That’s where we meet Buck Slaughter and our story begins! Buck runs a record store and spends his days waiting for real customers while dealing with a handful of quirky regulars that come and go. Buck also dispenses musical facts, opinions, wisdom, and gives directions to a would-be thief!

The art is a little rough but that’s okay because it complements the punk undertones running through the stories and contributes to giving the comic an overall underground comix look. The writing is a first-person account of what it’s like to toil away at something you have a real passion for, while not making enough profit to justify following that passion.

Head over to http://bit.ly/1KJRsGh and check out Buck Slaughter’s Book of Rock ‘N Roll Facts plus a bunch of other stuff from Nix Comics!

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1WX0pBl

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