The Origin of Pissed Off Panda

The Origin of Pissed Off Panda is a 24-page, full color, standard size, photo/cartoon comic written and illustrated by Frank! Powers. Published by Frankenstylin Comics

This issues, as plainly stated in the title, is all about the origin of Pissed Off Panda. To get the full story we must travel to the Whale’s Vagina by the sea, San Diego. There we witness the meeting of two souls, each looking for something they don’t have but long for. One searching for freedom and the other a friend. Then the hand of destiny intervenes and brings the two together, setting the stage for “a damn smooth adventure” involving one Pissed Off Panda!

Frank! combines photos and cartoons to illustrate this tale of panda pandemonium. The integration of the two works well and keeps the story flowing seamlessly. Frank! manages to lace together a fun story full of humorous characters and playful situations that take the reader on a wisecracking ride!

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