Booyah! is a 60-page full color comic, written & illustrated by Loran, published by Sloth Comics 

Booyah! Is a collection of five stories featuring a big, green, reckless monster named “Booyah!” in the first story, “Happy Birthday,” Booyah accidentally provides the entertainment for a little girl’s birthday party. Unfortunately it involves burning flesh and maiming children! The next story is “Domino.” In this one Booyah goes to the grocery store and ends up butchering an old lady in an effort to ensure a cat gets fed! Then in “Mr Sandman, Bring Me a Scream,” Booyah’s temper comes out when he tangles with the sandman’s sidekick Teddy, a ferocious bear…and all does not end well! “Interlude” is a one-page, silent story about a fishing trip that ends with more than just a big fish story! And closing out this comic is the longest story of the collection, “Night of the Living Dead Scout Zombies from Hell.” In it Booyah encounters a group of scouts in the wild and, while trying to help them overcome the loss of their scout master, inadvertently plants the seeds of a zombie apocalypse! 

Loran’s writing is absurdly funny and packed with morbid wit. The dark humor perfectly frames the cartoonish art that fills each page with nicely composed, finely drafted, polished full color drawings! You can enter the weird and witty world of Booyah! at

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