The Shepherd: Apokatastasis

The Shepherd: Apokatastasis is a 142-page, full color comic written by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari & Roberto Xavier Molinari, illustrated by Ryan “Score” Showers, with colors by Heather Breckel, and lettering & logo by Jacob Bascle. Published by Caliber Comics.

A man wrecked with grief following the unexpected death of his teenage son, kills himself in an effort to find his dead son. In a strange realm somewhere between life and death the man (now The Shepherd) searches for his son while at the same time visiting the living he holds responsible for his son’s death. In this netherworld the Shepherd is given a magical staff that can cause the living to see the truth of their actions. Also, early into his journey, the Shepherd is joined by a fiery-eyed wolf hunting monsters!

This is a story of loss and discovery with a lot of emotion written into the characters. Some of the characters are motivated by greed, some by anger, and others by love. The interaction between the characters and their conflicting desires is easily conveyed through the writing and sets a somber and somewhat unsettling tone. That same feeling is further reinforced through the pale washes of earth tone colors over a gritty under painting that illustrates this otherworldly tale of sorrow, hurt, and retribution.

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