The Lemonade Brigade

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…The Lemonade Brigade by Robb Mirsky!

The Lemonade Brigade is an 8-page, B&W, traditional mini-comic with the 9-panel flip side bonus comic “Night Creep,” published through Life Without Parole Comics!

This time around Robb brings us a gang of bad lemons that are up to no good and ready to rumble…until they witness the unthinkable! On the flip side this mini unfolds into a nine-panel comic featuring a creepy vampire with something other than blood on his mind! Robb’s comics are a real treat His drawings are highly detailed and his storytelling is laid out with perfect timing. The humor and unexpected twists combined with the great art and craftsmanship make Robb Mirsky’s mini-comics a hidden treasure you’ll be glad you discovered!

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