The Curse of Sleeping Beauty: Bloodlines, Book One

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty: Bloodlines, Book One is a 42-page, full color standard size comic written by Pearry Teo and illustrated by Everette Hartsoe with colors by Andrea Celestini and Nasir Ahmad, and lettering by Warren Montgomery.

A man struggles with dreams of a young woman born cursed and locked in league with dark forces by her parents. In his dreams he yearns to kiss the sleeping beauty, but cannot. Instead his dreaming leaves him with sleep paralysis. Therapists seem to offer him no hope, then the dreams are joined by hallucinations and visions. While trying to decipher the meaning of his hauntings, a relative bequeaths a mysterious estate to the man. Will the dwelling hold the answers he seeks, or does it harbor something much more sinister within its shadows?

Pearry Teo spins a yarn full of mystery and intrigue wrapped around a malevolent core of horror. The story unfolds slowly as it introduces the main character’s torment and the unseen forces at play. The timing works really well, leading the reader deeper and deeper into the unsettling world that plagues the main character as he himself discovers new clues that beg more questions. Everette Hartsoe beautifully captures the creepy aspect of the tale with dark and moody art complete with terrifying demons and a human-headed snakelike creature!

Horns, pointed teeth, and sharp claws await all who dare enter the pages of The Curse of Sleeping Beauty: Bloodlines, Book One at and find more at

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