Young, Talented…Exploited!

Young, Talented…Exploited! is a 96-page, full color comic by Yatuu. Published by Sloth Comics

Following graduation young Yatuu enters the working world eager to land a permanent position complete with benefits and job security! Unfortunately Yatuu’s idealistic dreams get slapped down by the reality of a depressed economy where paid positions are scarce. Yatuu soon finds herself bouncing from one unpaid internship to another, until finally landing a position at the world’s largest Ad agency…as an intern!

Yatuu provides a comical look at the exhaustive and under appreciated world of interns. Her satirical wit cuts through the monotony of office politics and is pleasingly complemented by her whimsical cartooning style!

You can enjoy the perils of being Young, Talented…Exploited at and find more from Yatuu at

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