Trespasser #3

Trespasser #3 is a 22-page, standard size full color comic, written by Justin M. Ryan, illustrated by Kristian Rossi, and lettered by DC HoPkins. Published by Alterna Comics

This is a survival story about a father trying to keep his young daughter safe in a bleak setting where civilization has collapsed. The father attempts to protect his daughter by living in isolation rather getting to close to anyone else. As the two lead their solitary life survival becomes more challenging as food becomes scarce and hunted animals aren’t fit for consumption due to contamination. Can the pair survive on their own, or will their individual secrets force them to reach out to others? And what mysterious series of events brought about this dystopian world?

The art in this comic is great! The entire issue is shrouded in gloomy pale blues and deep black shadows. That coupled with expertly rendered pouring rain, realistic looking people and animals, and believable backgrounds gives this story a visual element that sets and maintains a mood that perfectly fits the story! And as for the story, the writing is suspenseful and full of emotion. The characters interact in believable child-parent ways that are at times unpleasantly relatable but depict a very authentic relationship.

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