Freelance Blues #5

Freelance Blues #5 is a 24-page, standard size comic written by Ian Daffern & Mike Leone, illustrated by Vicki Tierney with inks by Diego Moreno, and cover by John Lang. Published by Alterna Comics.

Main character Lance Bunkman finds himself out of work and in need of cash when an opportunity emerges from a chance encounter at a bus stop…work as an extra in a zombie film! Soon Lance is on set and in the midst of production dealing with rude stars, demanding directors, and real zombies! Yep, things take a turn for the weird leaving Lance and his newly found co-workers fending for themselves as a devious plot brings the dead to life and hungering for flesh!

The first thing that jumped out at me from this comic was its polished, clean artwork. The story is told visually through highly detailed foregrounds with less attention given to the backgrounds. Each page is covered with bold flowing lines and dark pools of shadows, all applied with great craftsmanship! The characters are drawn with a somewhat cartoony appearance, to include the flesh ripping zombies. This approach keeps the comic from getting too dark even though there’s a lot of gore and undead violence! The writing does a great job in establishing a sense of normalcy before throwing the reader a twist that completely changes things, and then a second twist is cleverly slipped in catching the reader off guard again before the issue ends!

The overall story grabbed my interest up front and held that interest throughout, leaving me wanting more! You can get on the job with Freelance Blues at and

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