Dark Pants #3

Dark Pants #3 http://bit.ly/29W9cnd is a 64-page BW square comic with color card stock covers, written & illustrated by Matt MacFarland.

A teenage boy struggles with confusing feelings after dreaming about getting intimate with John Stamos. As he tries to figure out his sexual identity he also picks up mixed signals from his close male friend while at the same time feeling attraction toward a girl. In the midst of figuring out his sexuality, dealing with his self-image, and enduring the taunting of a bully at school, a mysterious pair of Dark Pants thrown from an overpass land at his feet. Once he slips into the pants he finds the courage to explore his feelings…for better or worse!

Matt tells a great story here about coming of age and working out who you are. The character’s ongoing internal fight with his desires and doubts is really portrayed well. Matt spends plenty of time on developing the character and allowing the reader to connect with him and understand his struggle as those around him contribute both positively and negatively to what he’s going through. Matt’s art completes the feeling of angst by capturing the moody expressions in bold black ink full of emotion and passion!

You can slip into Matt’s Dark Pants at http://bit.ly/29W9cnd and see more of Matt’s art at http://bit.ly/1HsH1EN and http://bit.ly/1GwLLFE

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/29ZVvOS

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