For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…# While You Were Trending

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…# While You Were Trending by Robb Mirsky!

# While You Were Trending is an 8-page, B&W, traditional mini-comic with a 15-panel flipside bonus comic! Published by Life Without Parole Comics. In this mini Robb serves up a series of quick sketches of people while they were trending on Instagram. The formal eight pages of the comic offer simple line drawings of various people engaged in different activities or posing, and the flip-side delivers 15 panel portraits of more people in moments of liveliness! Like always, Robb proves his prowess as an illustrator by capturing the likenesses of all of his subjects with thin outlines and a combination of hatching and cross hatching! Get into the marvelous microcosm of mini-comics through the pages of Robb Mirsky’s minis at and check out Robb on

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