Indie Comics #2

Indie Comics #2 is a 48-page, Mature Themes, B&W anthology with full color covers, featuring the works of Gary Scott Beatty, Rick Bonn, Brad Olrich, Terry Cronin, Paul Bradford, and others. Published by Aazurn Publishing.

Starting us off is Rick Bonn’s ROHRR! Chapter 2: All You Need Is… This one is illustrated by Christopher Herndon and lettered by Dave Lanphear and is a tale of beast and primitive man, as told from the beast’s perspective! The art appears to be done with gray, black, and white chalk on textured board. Christopher does a great job of creating a believable world in which the characters exist and endure the hardships of a primitive age! Next up Indie Comics' own publisher Gary Scott Beatty gives us The Deadly Passion of Vega and Altair with the added talents of Mark Bloodworth and Andy Bennett. In this one Gary and team serve up a cosmic tale of love and broken promises featuring otherworldly creatures straight out of a Lovecraft nightmare! Then we get Brad Olrich’s At Galaxy’s Core: Raid on Rectory VII, Part 2. This is an alien tale of social classes, privilege, religion, and thievery involving highborn, lowborn, and a bug! Human-like leeches and tiny flying bots all attempt to stop thieves from taking lifetimes of memories from a protected chamber, but who will succeed and what fate awaits those that do not succeed?! Brad spins a yarn of extraterrestrial intrigue and illustrates it with polished line work filling all of its detailed panels! The next entry into this anthology is Terry Cronin’s The Flame of Faith, Part 2: The Khamsa. It’s illustrated by Julia Lichty and lettered by Gary Scott Beatty. In this one the creative team introduces us to an unfortunate fellow that lets a vampire into his house…and passes out. When he comes to he has more to worry about than a little stolen blood! Can his friends help him? Does the girl he was with hold a secret? More to follow in this continuing saga! Bringing up the final half of Indie Comics #2, Mark Bloodworth and Andy Bennett join Gary Scott Beatty on The Portal’s Dreadful Key. In this tale a former punk band member turned podcaster recounts the strange encounter his late bandmate had with an unusual woman three decades prior. The encounter resulted in his friend’s death and left the podcaster with a mysterious ancient object. Now, all these years later, the podcaster fears a similar fate awaits him! The final story is Mute 8. In Mute 8, written by Paul Bradford and illustrated by Ben Michael Byrne, we get a siege story in which a well-armed mobile force gives the occupants of a stronghold a simple choice, surrender or die! In response the stronghold sends out an unlikely looking team to confront the desert stormers, the mysterious Mute 8!

All of the stories in Indie Comics #2 are unique and entertaining. The page compositions, lettering, and general story arrangements are all handled well. No two stories are too similar in subject or appearance. In fact the artwork spans several different styles, all of which are applied with obvious skill and talent making Indie Comics #2 not only a real pleasure to read, but also a visual feast for the eyes!

Indie Comics #2 can be ordered in August 2016’s Previews catalog under Aazurn Publishing. Check out a quick preview at and visit Aazurn Publishing at

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