Alter-Life #1

Alter-Life #1 is a 34-page, full color, standard size comic created by Caleb Thusat with art by Katrina E. Kunstmann.

Life has been difficult for Jake recently. After his wife and child are both killed in a car accident Jake discovers that he can’t die. Not truly die. He can be killed, and is, but death never sticks. Instead Jake enters an alternate life after each of his deaths. This raises many questions in Jake’s mind and opens up the possibility of infinite lives. What’s allowing Jake to return to an alternate life? Can he find a way back to his family? Is there a true death?

The art is light and quirky with a somber undertone that effectively communicates the darker theme of the story. The use of pastel colors bleeding through and into each other give this comic a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing look. The story opens up a whole can of worms about reality, life, and death. I may be reading too much into it, but I can’t help but think about theories of simultaneous alternate realities and quantum particles. The comic does a great job of introducing the idea of alternate realities without getting into the numerous scientific theories. However I feel like the science is buried just below the surface of the story and maybe it will be touched on in later issues!

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