One Last Day Gaslight Babylon

One Last Day Gaslight Babylon is a 12-page, full size B&W, silent comic with blue card stock covers, created and illustrated by Adam Yeater.

The death-prone antihero dons the guise of a hit man in this installment of One Last Day and knocks off a bunch of unsuspecting types as he weaves his way through the sordid streets of Gaslight Babylon! Is this the issue that will see our much mortally wounded mime escape unharmed…or will he meet a more enraged ending?!

As always Adam manages to think up the most unique ways of killing characters off. If anyone was keeping score I would bet Adam has killed more comic book characters in the pages of One Last Day than any other comic series! It amazes me that he can conjure up so many different methods to end a life. He is either very clever, or quite possibly he’s gone mad…maybe it’s a little of both! Whatever the case, Adam fills One Last Day Gaslight Babylon with detailed black and white drawings full of violence, gore, and expressions of surprise as the victims realize it’s their One Last Day!

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