Charge #1

Charge #1 is a 54-page, full color comic written and produced by Dan Jury and Chris Jury with pencils by Adhitya Zulkarnaen, inks by Christopher Bryer, colors by Pamela Siega, lettering by Michael Lagace, and cover art by Jordan J. Nering. Published by Alterna Comics.

In 1975 at a remote research facility a small team works on a clean energy project. After staff reductions and funding cuts the project continues to fail to produce results, so a corporate suite is sent in to deliver the bad news: the plug is being pulled. Before the remaining staff is sent packing one final test is run…and something very strange happens. Something that seems to reach across time!

The art is clean and simplified, favoring coloring and shading over the use of more minute details. The story on the other hand is loaded with detail. Plenty of time is given to building characters and exploring character interaction as the plot unfolds. We get a good sense of who the major players are and what drives their individual motivations. We also get teased with jumps in time that aren’t fully explained, but bear witness to a much more intricate story than is first apparent!

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