Interstellar Comix #5

Interstellar Comix #5 is a 32-page, B&W with color pieces, anthology by Damon Begay and Majerle Lister. 

This is a collection of short stories and comics about all sorts of things. There’s a short one-page piece about a couple reflecting on the leaf’s acceptance of its demise as it falls from the branch. Then in another story a teenage girl has a lucid dream about moving off of the reservation with her divorced mother, then a dinosaur appears on the scene and begins to wreak havoc! In another piece a young boy with a talking dinosaur grabber fends off a monster! Then in yet another segment of an earlier story the teenage girl returns to fight a giant octopus and discover an unsettling truth about herself! All this plus a few other shorter comics make up the 32 pages of Interstellar Comix #5! Damon states up front that this is his first comic done completely with a graphics tablet, and the results look good as he applies his talents to digital illustration! 

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