Raygun #3

Raygun #3 http://buff.ly/2aMuaGv is a 24-page B&W comic written by Gregory Schoen, with art by Alonso Molina, and inks and lettering by Paulo Rivas. Published by Alterna Comics.

Matthew, a young boy just beginning to bond with his father, stumbles upon Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray. After playing with what looks like a toy ray-gun he soon finds himself the target of an elite team established by the government to hunt him down. With nearly unlimited authority the team descends just as Matthew learns his father’s backstory!

The plot of this comic is written well and gradually reveals itself as the setting is established and the main characters are introduced. The dialogue between the children comes off as realistic, as does the interaction and conversation between Matthew and his father. The art is clean and fluid. Adults and children are drawn to look believable and distinctly different. Backgrounds are detailed when appropriate and simplified when too much detail would crowd the panel. The creative team of Raygun bring all the necessary elements together to make this one entertaining comic!

You can pull the trigger on Raygun at http://buff.ly/2aMuaGv and find more from Alterna Comics at http://bit.ly/1QgTwY1

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2bAwHiW

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