Strange Streets #2

Strange Streets #2 is a 36-page, standard size, mostly silent B&W comic with color covers, written and illustrated by Ryan Quackenbush.

In this installment we return to the dark side of town and join our gun toting gambler from the previous issue. He ventures out into the rainy night and arrives at a well-protected door. After dealing with the guards, the gambler enters to find a dead woman and a character with a creepy cthulhu-esque head! Who is this tentacle-faced fiend? What connection does he have to the dead woman? And is any of this real, or is it all being staged to entertain some mysterious audience?!

Ryan’s art really does the job of moving this story along without dialogue. There are a few words near the end, but most of the comic is told strictly through images. The images used are a collection of hundreds of straight lines intersecting and crossing back and forth inside a single panel to produce polished gray characters, backgrounds, and effects rendered in a blur of crosshatches! The detail is not obscured at all. In fact small details such as facial expressions and eye movements are actually highlighted through this unique style of illustration. 

Strange Streets is proving to be a visually mesmerizing treat that invites detailed scrutiny of each page! You can travel down Strange Streets at

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