For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Embryo http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG a 28-page, square, B&W mini-comic with a cut cardstock cover written and illustrated by Reset Survivor.

Here’s a mini-comic for all you cryptographers out there! The story is pretty straight forward, a bunch of roach looking bugs are hanging out and one is busy tagging a wall with a symbol. Soon the group decides to fly off, but the tagger stays behind. He hears something calling out and investigates. He also wears some sort of video communication device on one leg (arm?). When the tagger finally gets to the source of the sound he wonders what it is he is looking at…and you will too unless you can decipher the code provided in the comic!

I really dig comics that make you think, or at least require you to study the detail to fully get what’s going on, and Embryo is that kind of comic. All of the dialogue between the bugs is written in a series of symbols, and you can only make sense of it if you decode it! Brilliantly done! And the artwork is clean and nicely rendered too! See if you can figure out the mystery of Reset Survivor’s Embryo at http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2bOixgZ

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