Nanaba’s Summer

Nanaba’s Summer is a 12-page, digest size, B&W comic by Tatum Bowie.

Tatum created Nanaba’s Summer for Mini Comic Day. In her own words “it is a story about a young Navajo girl who travels to the reservation with her little sister to visit their grandmother.” In the pages the young girl speaks English to her grandmother and her grandmother speaks Navajo back to her (Tatum has included a translation page at the end of the story to help those that need it…and yeah, I needed it). The young girl wakes with a sore throat and doesn’t understand why her grandmother doesn’t act more consoling toward her, but the grandmother has her reasons.

I enjoyed the mix of languages and appreciated the translation being included. Having the grandmother speak Navajo makes the character more authentic and also adds to the personal feel of the story. The art is mostly simple lines with varying weights and hatching to indicate shade and form. The outside scenes are filled with more detail and capture the beauty of the southwest!

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