Trespasser #4

Trespasser #4 is a 19-page (digital version), standard size full color comic, written by Justin M. Ryan, illustrated by Kristian Rossi, and lettered by DC HoPkins. Published by Alterna Comics

A desperate father turns to an unlikely source to save his daughter’s life – alien invaders! In this continuing story of survival Hector, Maria’s father, has attempted to keep his daughter safe by remaining as isolated as possible, but his plan has failed. Now he and Maria have contracted a sickness that threatens the little girl’s life and Hector has only one place to turn, to the very beings that he has been protecting her from! 

Once again the writing and art blend into a perfect mix here! Each standing on its own individual strengths while fully complimenting the other elements of the comic! The emotion and anguish of Hector is clearly attainable through the writing as is the innocence of Maria, but the art solidifies the conveyance of these feelings through powerful images, great page layouts, and the perfect selection and application of colors! 

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