Scavenger #1

Scavenger #1 is a 24-page (digital version) standard size, full color, Sci-Fi comic written by Kim Roberts and illustrated by Megan Huang. Published by Markosia

On an alien world in the distant future industrialization has left a planet nothing more than a wasteland. An elite few take to the skies and create a floating sanctuary to serve as the home of a new civilization. A civilization with three royals each born of a different mother endowed with witchery in her blood. But one mother secretly wants her child to know the magic of the wasteland from which they came and she stealthily switches the child with another. Mystery and suspense flows across the pages of Scavenger as the child plucked from the wasteland to replace another grows into a tyrant and the child saved from a sterile life of privilege begins to discover the truth of his past! 

Kim’s story takes the reader into a rich sci-fi world where technology has replaced ancient magic and transformed the environment for the worse. A clear distinction between the classes emerges as the story unfolds. The ruling class removed from the plight of the less fortunate, and from their own literal roots of their home world, while the ruled live far below and still cling to the memory of magic that once sprung from the ground. The characters are all fully developed and given individual personalities, desires, and motivations. Megan does an outstanding job of illustrating Scavenger. All character likenesses are maintained consistently throughout the comic. Different body types and shapes are rendered effectively, as well as futuristic alien structures and machines set against an otherworldly landscape! 

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